Why Testing Is Important

Why Testing Is Important

Everday, two processes are going on in our bodies. On one hand, our cells are being damaged. On the other hand, we''re repairing our cells. If there is no balance between the two processes going on, we''re in trouble. Unfortunately, in most cases, we have more damage than we can reapir.

As the cumulative damage piles up we get to the point of critical mass and cell damage occurs. This can cause the cells to spin out of control and possibly causing disease, such as cancer.

Every day we loose more and more cells. As we lose those cells that produce collagen, elastin and more skin we then begin to see our skin wrinkle, sag and become thin. Now we have a much harder task to bring our bodies back from the ravages of time and the damage we''ve allowed to happen.

In a perfect world our repair system would remain healthy or could increase its ability to repair our cells on its own. Unfortunately that isn''t the case.

Human beings have a love/hate relationship with oxygen. As we evolved we needed oxygen to increase our eneergy supply. As our cells became more complex through our movement and intelligence, our body required more eneergy. Through the Krebs cycle, oxygen became a way of producing this much-needed energy.

As we breathe in oxygen it combines with the sugar inn our cells and tiny energy pellets are produced in the cell''s mitochondria. (Mitochandria are the cells'' power source). The more energy pellets we have (The are called ATP molecules) the younger, healthier and longer we live. Producing lots of ATP is wonderful. It let''s us live energetic lives. The downside is that every action has a reaction.

We can now give you nourishing solutions. By using the right nutritional building blocks in their proper amounts to neutralize free radicals we can minimize daily damage to our cells.

Our repair system is now better able to prepare for the days when we are flooded with free radical damage. By boosting and enhancing our repair system, more damage can be fixed. Now we can keep up and have a reserve for those unforseen ''free radical burst,'' like viral and bacterial infections.

You may not like to hear this, but inside your right now are cancerl cells, virus, bacteria and other nasty invaders just waiting to attack. When our blood cells detect a threat by these hostil little devils they release free radicals. It makes sense because we want to destroy these bad cells and demolish their DNA. So not all free redicals are bad.