Small Business Benefits

Small Business Benefits

Doctor''s Who Make House Calls

If you cannot afford to offer your employee''s health insurance, you can provide a HealthNation membership. No enrollment periods, insurance forms, or denials based on pre-existing conditions. Everyone can benefit from 24/7 access to Medical and Naturopath doctors.

HealthNation’s TeleMedicine services are an excellent complement to the health insurance benefits provided by businesses. It enables a business to utilize a higher deductible health insurance program by reducing the demand for high-cost Urgent Care, Emergency Room, and Doctor’s office visits. HealthNation provides self-evident savings in ever-increasing employer health insurance expenses. Your employees will enjoy quick and convenient access to licensed physicians. Most employers are saving lots of money and hassle.

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For employers who have not been able to provide their employees with any Health Insurance benefits at all, HealthNation can provide your employees with a membership which enables your employees to deal with minor medical problems without leaving work. Capitalizing on TeleMedicine access to physician care also encourages employees to promptly seek treatment for medical issues.

Because an estimated 70% of non-emergent medical conditions may be addressed by telephone, video call or via E-Mail, the HealthNation membership is cost effective as a supplement to traditional health insurance.

For the employer who has employees that travel extensively, such as the Trucking and Airline industry, TeleMedicine makes sense for the employee and the employer.

Members may call a Doctor 24/7 and receive Medical or Naturopath consultation and prescription anywhere night or day. As a member, you save precious time by not having to deal with Urgent Care, taking time off work, or taking children out of school for appointments, which ultimately saves our members money from their family budget.