How To Drink Correctly To Avoid Dehydration Effects

How To Drink Correctly To Avoid Dehydration Effects


Have you not drink all day and feel the body less palatable due to dehydration and other symptoms? If yes, then now we will study some of the effects caused by lack of drinking. Water is an essential requirement of all living beings, without water it is very difficult for the body’s digestive system to process food and process all the substances the body needs. So, approved or not, our bodies must have adequate water supply in a day.

There are several immediate benefits we will feel when we drink water with sufficient amount in a day. Direct benefits including healthier skin, more relaxed and ability to control emotions, and secretion systems or the removal of toxins in the body work optimally.

But when we drink water with insufficient quantity, then there are some negative things that will happen to us. In addition to dehydration, there are some other bad effects that we might feel, such as:

1. The smelly breath

If you are not drinking, most likely in your mouth will accumulate bacteria that cause smelly breath. The effect is that your mouth smells bad. Well if this happens, there won’t be anyone who wants to chat with you. Supposedly, the bacteria in the mouth will be expelled out with drinking water that pass through the mouth, but when you drink less water, bacteria accumulate because there is no fluid to send it out.

2. Drought In skin

If you do not drink enough water, the skin will dry out. It occurs due to loss of water supply to the skin to retain moisture. Therefore, if you do not want to experience this problem, you should drink enough water.

3. Muscle Cramps

Water is needed to maintain the muscle mass of the body, especially when you are exercising. When exercise, the body will heat up and consequently the majority of water reserves in the body is lost. When the water in the body is missing, it is likely that the musle will cramp due to the amount of potassium and sodium produced become decreasing due to lack of fluids.

4. Chills

Mostpeople, when their body is lacking of fluids, willbecome dehydrated. It is true thatlevel oftoleranceto dehydration of everyoneis different, butusuallytheyaresusceptible todehydration, the bodywillshiverwith cold.

4. Feeling Hungry and Want to Find anything sweet

When the body is dehydrated, we often think that we need something that tastes sweet as a substitute of energy source. Actually, you have to quickly drink the water because the body organs such as the liver, requires surplus fluid to run correctly.

Ladiez, if you do not want to feel the ill effects of dehydration, if you can, bring bottled water to avoid thirst. Okay (y)

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