How Aromatherapy Works

How Aromatherapy Works

The aroma way to health and beauty includes three main practices:

  1. Massage with essential oils;
  2. Bath, inhalants, and steaming;
  3. The use of herbs in cooking and infusions, or in tea.

1. Massage

Aroma massage combines relaxing powers of touch with another very powerful sense-the sense of smell. Essential oils in aroma massage are applied to the skin and the effect may be either stimulating or calming; it depends on the types of oils we use and on our needs. Massage combined with essential oils and herbs will revive and restore your body and mind.

In aroma massage essential oils work on the body and brain at the same time, calming nerves and stimulating the energy flow, which relieves tension and depression and help to eliminate toxins while building healthy tissues. The aromatherapy massage brings new life to our body, which means we not only look and feel but actually become younger.

2. Bath, Inhalants, and Steaming

The aromatherapy bath reinforces the basic rejuvenating benefits. By adding essential oils to water, it will stimulate the skin, relax, and energize. Inhalation can clean stuffed-up sinuses and congested chests. Finally, facial steaming deep-cleanses and moistens the face with penetrating vapors-one of the many ways aromatherapy can be used to give you healthier, more beautiful skin.

3. Teas and Herbs

Using herbs in teas and cuisine is another safe and effective way to augment the benefits of a healthy diet. The use of herbs as spices is a very old art (as a cooking itself).

Aromatherapists value herbs not merely to enhance flavor, but also to improve our health. A variety of fresh and dried herbs can help detoxify some foods and aid in the digestion of others. Teas, which are easily assimilated, since they are diffused with large amounts of water, can work wonders for the brain, and improve organ functions. Teas are medicinal, however, and should be used in moderation.