Print additional cards to “Share with Others”

Print additional cards to “Share with Others”


Would you or someone you know like to cut their prescription drug cost?

HealthDiscounts4All Prescription Savings Card is accepted at over 85% of the Pharmacies in the USA. Always carry your HealthDiscounts4All Savings Card when Traveling and Save on Prescriptions even when away from home!

Anyone can use this program, even if you are not a U.S. citizen, if it is used at a participating pharmacy within the USA. When prescription needs arise while traveling in the United States simply present the card along with the prescription or at the time of your refill and begin saving today! This is a bearer card. No name is needed on the card for you to use it. The same card may be used by each member of your household every time that they fill a prescription. The card does not expire, use it over and over. We encourage you to print as many cards as you, your family or friends may need. Now you can even save on prescriptions for your pets.

HealthDiscounts4All and HealthDiscounts4Pets cards are available in English as well as other languages. Please see “PRINT YOUR FREE CARD” on our website for available languages.

No Personal Information is Required to obtain a card. No Personal Information is collected on processed prescriptions

·The Card is FREE

·Covers ALL FDA-approved drugs

·Accepted at over 85% of pharmacies in the US

·Everyone Qualifies – No Restrictions

·Pre-activated – Start Saving TODAY

·Never Expires, use over and over

·Your Privacy is Protected – no forms to complete

·No waiting on reimbursements – Savings are Instant

Print additional cards to “Share with Others”

As a company committed to Embracing Social Responsibility we have a vision of a Movement of Helping Individuals and Families all across the United States Cut their Rx Costs and afford the prescribed medications they need to Get Well and Stay Healthy!

Help Us Help Others - Share the Movement

Here is how you can help with this movement to cut Rx costs and help others on the path to securing their best health!

Print Cards for your Family, Friends and Neighbors

Share with your Social Network

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Request Cards in Bulk for your Organization/Company

Millions of people are struggling to afford healthcare and - both Insured and Uninsured are affected by the High Cost of Prescription Drugs.

The HealthDiscounts4All Rx Savings Card provides those without prescription drug coverage, or those with prescription drug insurance whose medications are not covered, with the means to obtain their medications at a Discount.